Eat That Frog With A Pomodoro

Writing this blog took me an entire day because procrastination won’t let me. Every time I started writing, something else comes to mind and I easily get distracted. It happens only for this blog, I don’t know why because the rest of the work was complete only this was remaining and gratification monkeys, let’s assume were like all over my room.

Catching the frog in the beginning was not easy because to catch that you have to focused which took away from the gratification monkeys. I won’t put all the blame to monkeys like it’s my fault giving them a free hand. So I’ve to do something about it, and a tomato (Italian: Pomodoro) helps me achieve it and put a barrier between the gratification monkeys and me. At morning, there were 5–6 tasks which can’t be delayed any more. Monkeys were as usual throwing parties, but I held a remedy for that, Pomodoro technique is the name.

A procrastinator should use that Pomodoro technique for becoming non-procrastinator. The time management is actually a problem faced by all over the world and Time management is the process of planning and controlling how much time to spend on specific activities or work. Good time management enables an individual to complete more in a shorter period of time, lowers stress, and leads to career success. It is very difficult to manage all the work or activities on time or before the deadline.

Steps To Pomodoro Technique

This technique is really helpful for those people who can’t able to complete their tasks before the deadline. This technique has the following steps.

1. decide the task to be done

2.set the Pomodoro timer for 25 minutes on the task until the timer rings.

4. after the timer rung, put a star on paper.

5. take a short break for 5–10 minutes

6. repeat step 1–4

7.after you have 4 ticks on your paper, you can take a longer break and continue working by going to step 1 until you complete the tasks.

I used the technique to write this blog. So, I assigned myself to complete this by setting alarm exact after 25 minutes. I started, and keep continuing my work for 10 minutes, after 10 minutes my mobile rung and it’s an urgent call from my friend who needs some help from my side. Then I spent 15 minutes on call and back to complete the blog exact 5 minutes later, my mother called me and wasted my 5 minutes more. Then I overcome these hurdles exact after 2 stars so after facing all these hurdles I completed my blog in exact 50 minutes.

Then I realized there are different hurdles that delay my tasks which is Social media such as Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. and Family disturbance. But by overcoming these hurdles we are able to complete our tasks before deadlines and more efficiently because due to chunks of our works we enjoy our work and able to put more attention without boredom.




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Shanzay Babar

Shanzay Babar

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